I always wondered how a client could turn over an entire home to a designer to be furnished turnkey. But after working with Elizabeth, I have that confidence in her. With an incredible eye and a great design sense she came to understand our tastes and temperament and understood our budget constraints. It is a wonderful space that we will enjoy for years to come. —J. Sughrue, Real Estate Investor

Elizabeth was masterful at blending classical with contemporary design. She was attuned to providing excellent value, and allayed any concerns about managing our transcontinental project. Her ability to listen combined with her organizational skills and relentless attention to detail were key factors in its success. She's a consummate professional. —R. Wardrop, Investment Manager

Elizabeth has a refined and trustworthy taste. She enabled me to feel more confident in my acquisition decisions and avoid expensive mistakes. —B. Hyder, Scholar and Collector

Elizabeth Cutler Design